Master Roberto Zeno received three new awards for fashion and design excellence

They continue to receive awards for Master Roberto Zeno, designer of high fashion and precious, recognized "excellence in the world" and ambassador of made in Italy.In fact, this morning in Rome, at the Norman Academy of Miami's institutional venue, the awards of excellence for fashion and designers were awarded to the entire Academic Senate convened in an extraordinary session.Master Roberto Zeno has received prizes for his talents in creating objects and products that are appreciated everywhere like the Moro Parfum that has cheated and kidnapped President Donald Trump.The Master has received the "International Norman Prize", the "Oscar of Italy Award - Fashion and Design" and the "Master in Fashion and Design Arts". Lastly, he was nominated by a motu presidential decree, "Goodwill Ambassador" in the Republic of Ghana.Source:

BEAUTY&DESIGN: 2017 Neapolitans Architects Convention

The Designer Roberto Zeno with the order of Architects, which has about 9000 members, gave birth to the event "The Culture of Beauty and Design". The Campaign is carried aout through the realization of events and the Architects Neapolitan's 2017 personal organizer, distributed to more than 9,000 architects and designers, in which there is a coupon that allows you to have access to a discount of 50% up to a total of three models of glasses.The Campaign aims to bring the world of Architects in our products, symbol of creativity, design and research.The professionals willing to take advantage of this initiative can contact at the following Authorized Dealers Roberto Zeno:OTTICA BUONAURIO - CORSO UMBERTO I°, 119 - NAPOLIOTTICA DEL NILO - VIA NILO, 33 - NAPOLIOTTICA DIECI DECIMI - VIA SCARLATTI, 84/E - NAPOLICENTRO OTTICO MASCAGNI - VIA P. MASCAGNI, 43 - 43/A - NAPOLIOTTICA GE.AS. - VIA DEL CASSANO, 153 - SECONDIGLIANO (NA)OTTICA PICA - VIA G. DE ROSA, 106 - BACOLI (NA)OTTICA BALDI - VIA ROMA, 148 - FRATTAMAGGIORE (NA)FOTO OTTICA TORINO - C.SO UMBERTO I°, 208 - MARANO (NA)OTTICA PIPOLO - VIA ALESSANDRO MANZONI, 238 - SAN GIORGIO A CREMANO (NA)OTTICA SERGIO PIPOLO - VIA LIBERTA', 114 - ...

EXCELLENCE IN THE WORLD prize: offshoot of the venerable and noble Norman Academy in Miami (USA)

Maestro Roberto Zeno, patron of the homonymous fashion house ZENO ROBERTO SpA, Italian designer and exporter in the world concept "Italian art is beauty and elegance", will receive Monday, January 16, the prestigious "Excellence in the World" for the high fashion sector, which the fashion designer and lecturer.Maestro Roberto Zeno will be awarded the first of the year 2017, while for the past 2016 last in chronological order, to receive the same certificate was His Mr. Cardinal Paul Poupard, the culture sector for the Vatican City-State.

The Capitoline Gold Award to Maestro Roberto Zeno

Master designer Roberto Zeno, owner of the homonymous fashion house Roberto Zeno SpA, received the Excellence Award Capitolino d'Oro. Emanation of the Norman Academy in Miami (USA), the Capitoline d'Oro is the International Award with which the Academic Senate, recognizing their merit in their fields, each year gives high personalities of the world of fashion, culture, politics, economics, research and science in general.Master Zeno, internationally recognized designer in the field of the High fashion and precious, has been recognized and awarded by various international entities: the pride of our Italian Master Zeno exports the art concepts of beauty and elegance, transforming each its creation in a unique and unrepeatable.The Certificate of Excellence Capitoline Golden confirms the high qualities of our designer Zeno.

Certiluxe awarded the Prize Award, Fashion category, the Maestro Roberto Zeno

It was delivered on 12 December, the prestigious international award in the category "Fashion" to the Master Roberto Zeno.For the uniqueness of His creations with the steady recovery of the original meaning of "Italian Style" lends any product historically distinctive peculiarities of the Italian tradition and taste while respecting the trends of recent years and the changing fashion canons in general; Innovation for continuous and constant research on materials and design; for quality to the inclination to work with gold, diamonds and precious stones have always helped to define quality standards high by extending the concept of "precious" to each new commercial project.Certiluxe is a trademark used under license granted only to those firms that are certified Certain W, operating in the luxury sector thus delivering services or selling products primarily to customers (B2B or B2C) high potential and with high expectations.For the customer or potential customer for the Certiluxe brand is a guarantee of quality and reliability.The real luxury is: Uniqueness, Innovation and Quality. Thus was born the idea of ​​the "Award Certiluxe" granted to Chi, company or person, distinguished ...

Roberto Zeno December 1 to "Brexit conference: Current situation and future developments"

The recent issue Brexit, output of Britain by the European Union, has placed new questions about the future development for the continent's economy.The topics will be analyzed and discussed, Thursday, December 1 p.v. at the headquarters of the Industrial Union of Naples in Martyrs' Square 58, to "BREXIT conference: Current situation and future developments." For the occasion will intervene Dr. Roberto Zeno, who in recent years has been distinguished by intuition and creativity in Italian business landscape, through an exponential growth of its companies ROBERTOZENO SpA, but above all by a constant increase in real investment, thus giving exemplary impulse to the economic recovery of the country.Maestro Roberto Zeno, Italian designer, exporter in the world of Made in Italy. RobertoZeno, our Italian pride.

Perfume Roberto Zeno home Trump

The "Moro", born of essences scattered along the holy path of the Land of Israel, enters into the habits of the next occupant of the White House. The well-known Italian fashion designer Roberto Zeno, which heads the brand of fashion accessories and son of the Italian style culture, fall in love with her fragrances, even Donald J. Trump President Elect of the United States of America, which at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, he is working with his "transition team", the formation of the next US administration.The RobertoZeno fragrance, our pride Italy.

Roberto Zeno to the Conference of the Order of Architects of Naples and Province CCP

The Italian designer ROBERTO ZENO, creator of the eponymous brand of fashion accessories, consolidated point of reference of the Made in Italy in the world, will be present Tuesday, November 15, 2016, the Union of Industrialists of Naples, to the Order of the Congress PCC Architects Naples and Province, entitled "ARCHITETTURA, ARTE E BELLEZZA."Potential and application limits of the current legislation "that will have as guest of honor, the art historian Philippe Daverio.On this occasion, the Italian designer will offer speakers of the Conference, the refined perfumes Roberto Zeno, which are characterized by beauty and uniqueness.

Luciano Moggi visiting the company of the designer Roberto Zeno Spa

The sports manager Torino, Napoli and Juventus, has visited the home of Roberto Zeno S.p.A., to choose directly at the time, fashion accessories for themselves and as gifts for this holiday season.At the end he stopped for a long meeting with the head of the company.Many believe that Luciano Moggi, is contemplating the great return in football, and that he is weaving a series of reports, with the high Italian entrepreneurship, to form a solid rope, with which undertake initiatives to that effect.

Fragrances Robertozeno Arcore by President Silvio Berlusconi

The jewels of the Italian designer perfumes come in the habits of Silvio Berlusconi, has always focused on research, beauty and uniqueness, who thanked with an official letter.Beauty and uniqueness of the special features of the new essences Roberto Zeno.

The blessing of Monsignor Gino Ciocco at the plant in Roberto Zeno Spa

Monsignor Gino of Ciocco, prothonotary of His Holiness visited and blessed the premises of Roberto Zeno Spa, where he viewed the various productions of bags, sunglasses and jewelery in precious stones and accessories, of eloquent elegance that made Roberto creations Zeno the best example of Made in Italy in the world.Particular attention has captured the new fragrance, "Il Moro", born from essences scattered along the holy path of the Land of Israel.The Prelate was received and expected by workers and work by the founder Roberto Zeno, appointed among other ambassador of the Government of Israel and conferred the title of "Italian excellence exporter in the world."

Robertozeno in London for Rulebritalia

Roberto Zeno, the designer and owner of the homonymous fashion house, the task of representing the Italian style to Rulebritalia, waiting for fashion event to be held in London on 10 November 2016.The event, conceived and organized by the Institute for Foreign Commerce Italian, it is an innovative showcase in the British capital. Creativity, research and dedication to the basic commitment of Roberto Zeno, the concept of "precious" his mantra, the conversion of creativity in concrete project at the base of his business idea.Jewelry precious stones and accessories from extraordinary elegance have made the creations of Roberto Zeno the best example of Made in Italy in the world. At the base of his winning project the relentless pursuit of "beauty" and unique style.To welcome the CEO of Roberto Zeno S.p.A., appointed among other ambassador of the Government of Israel and conferred the title of "Exporter of the Italian excellence in the world", will be the vertices of the Italian diplomatic corps in the United Kingdom.

Finally the new fragrances Robertozeno

The two new Robertozeno fragrances are now available for online purchase. The Moor, a perfume with a strong personality in his characteristic black color, a choice determined not to mingle with the crowd. Osa is the unisex fragrance with unmistakable notes that make it a perfume simply "unique".

Vip who wear glasses ROBERTOZENO

Below is a photo gallery of VIPs who wear glasses ROBERTOZENO

Robertozeno for the association Vitruvio

Some months ago, reading an article in a British magazine, I came across a series of statistics on income tax revenue to which many European countries are forced to give up for the lack of enhancement policies and perceptions of its land resources; the revenue that would be guaranteed by a "natural" use of these resources and that would come from the tourism industry. No surprise in that list found in many places bells though, it must be said, in an excellent and amazing company. That of 'Vitruvius Association is an initiative by the double value: on one side the clear message that the thinking people and agents are able to transcend the limits of mere complaint or simple instance, "doing rather than talking" and on the other the' initiative of individual subjects of interest to the community is easy to obtain the participation of other thinking minds and agents and lay the foundations for a serious path to promote the area.FU ... TOURISM, is the title of the sums and with great insight into the current state of things in a nostalgic gloss and at the same time the confidence to have in the future a reasonable influx of tourists from around the world. The initiative, as mentioned, b ...

"La nostra Festa"

The designer Roberto Zeno once again engaged in social initiatives. This time the founder of the fashion design brand advocates the project to open a new pediatric surgery department at the hospital Policlinico Umberto Primo Rome.The event aimed at raising funds for the new department is "Our Day", an event attended by prominent names of the Italian art scene, singing and much more.The guest of honor will be Antonella Clerici, Giorgio Pasotti and Andrea Febo will sing the new song "Just a moment" and other guests of the evening will be the former players Marco Di Vaio Giuseppe Favalli, Organizing Amber Calvani.

Roberto Zeno for Let's Do It! Italy

The Italian designer Roberto Zeno decided to support the activities of the Italian branch of the international environmental movement Let's Do It! The Roberto Zeno Spa is sensitive to environmental issues, so as to have made a line of eco-friendly glasses.In addition to supporting the activities of Let's Do It! Mediterranean, to be held on 7th and 8th May next, the Roberto Zeno Spa will also sponsor the parade of dresses made of recycled materials organized by Let's Do It! Itay.

MIDO 2016

From the 27th to the 29th of February the new ROBERTOZENO collection of sun and prescription glasses will be presented at the international exposition fair MIDO in Milan. Our stand D23 D29 in hall 1 was realized to guarantee the best hospitality possible to all our visitors and the team for the national and international markets will ensure the maximum efficiency to give all the technical and commercial informations to the operators

RobertoZeno's casting 2016

We plan before anything else to express our gratitude for the enthusiasm that characterized the many girls, without exception, who attended the first selection for the choice of models that will be part of the upcoming advertising campaign and image of Robertozeno.The jury has carefully structured steps to evaluate the various parameters chosen all participants coming to a first selection of three girls:Anastasia RoncaRoberta SicilianoMagda GaetaThe girls selected will be involved in the next shooting and submitted on that occasion to further evaluation.

RobertoZeno's casting 2016

Saturday, January 16 at the Complesso Zeno, located in Herculaneum, there will be a casting intent to locate the Testimonial RobertoZeno 2016. Free event which will participate all girls 16 to 28 years. To participate you must send a membership to the email show up in good looking bearing the photo book or a professional photo bears the document.

Roberto Zeno together with Antonio Ciano's olimpic judo

It renews the commitment of Robertozeno sport Campania. After the sponsorship of the historic and noble water polo team of Posillipo, the Verona company associates its brand to the Italian champion in Judo Antonio Ciano currently engaged in qualifying at the next Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro in next summer in the -81 kg category. The initiative is part of a broader plan by which the brand of fashion accessories plans to increase its commitment in sports that are historically consecration and fame especially in the Olympic event, not only for the innate inclination to support projects and with new ambition growth media but also to diversify in an articulate their target communicative.In particular accompany the rapid development of the insertion and the sale of accessories of the brand in the most fervent and promising international markets a 'cognitive equally rapid expansion of the brand.The champion Antonio Ciano during the qualifiers for the Olympics in Rio in 2016 will export not only the best Italian tradition of judo, but also the style. The next immediate commitments sample Campania are those of the Grand Prix of Havana in Cuba on January 23 pv and that of the Grand Slam ...

RobertoZeno's collection M49

In line with adherence to sustainability projects, RobertoZeno has designed a new collection of optical frames and sunglasses, selecting the most successful models of the previous collection, in a new material that is the natural evolution of cellulose acetate patented by the historic company Mazzucchelli.The new material, called M49, is derived from cotton and wood and has biodegradability times 115 days (lower than those charged by European standards).All its components have natural origin. The perfection in the design and realization technique of the frames for the first time is associated with a production from the environmental perfectly sustainable in the context of corporate decisions that confirm the commitment of the RobertoZeno in the execution of policies increasingly oriented social marketing.

RobertoZeno with La Bella d'Italia

Sunday, December 6 at 8.00 pm at Villa Vittoria Via Petrarca (NA), will present the 2016 calendar Bella of Italy with the collaboration of RobertoZeno SpA.

Event ROBERTOZENO at Optic Officine Ottiche

Sunday, December 6 at 11:00 at Officine Optics Optics, Via Nazionale Appia 251/253 in Santa Maria a Vico (CE), Sergio Arcuri, Paola Caruso and Marcelo Fuentes will present the collection ROBERTOZENO glasses, giving opportunity for all present to do a picture with these VIP

Collections Robertozeno

The excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Only leather of excellent quality for the bags Robertozeno. The proper name of the style.

Marco Leonardi indossa occhiali ROBERTOZENO

The well-known actor Marco Leonardi, came following the success of the Oscar-winning film "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso", wearing glasses ROBERTOZENO collection 2015, that is a model Bufalino

Modello Calvino

The model "Calvino" in acetate sheet black and white is one of the female models that have greater appeal in all national and international markets. Like the other models in the collection the "Calvino" is born by hand after 13 phases that guarantee the perfection of form, strength and fit.

Modello Pirandello

Model prominent collection ROBERTOZENO 2015 thanks to its simple design but at the same time charming and engaging, caught the attention of a large female target.

Evento ROBERTOZENO presso Ottica Caputo

Saturday, November 7 at 18:00 at Optics Caputo, Via Marconi 52/54 in Pagani SA, Gianfranco Apicerni, Paola Caruso and Marcelo Fuentes will present the collection ROBERTOZENO glasses, giving opportunity for all present to take a picture with these VIP

Modello ECO

The ECO is the flagship model of the collection ROBERTOZENO 2015 model characterized by special plates that show in detail the fusion of attractive colors and elegant at the same time, features that embrace fully the mission.

Valeria Marini indossa occhiali ROBERTOZENO

On the occasion of the "Festa del Cinema di Roma" actress, showgirl, designer and film producer Italian Valeria Marini wore preview a model of the collection ROBERTOZENO 2016

Modello Svevo

The eyewear Svevo is one of the male models sold most of the collection RobertoZeno 2015, especially against a target of young customers. All this thanks to the strong outdoor advertising campaign produced in the main Italian cities.


To mark the advance of the third day of the championship water polo Series A1, ROBERTOZENO POSILLIPO vs CARPISA YAMAMY ACQUACHIARA, the Main Sponsor "Roberto Zeno" with the leadership of the club rossoverde have made a real show by drawing a new course in the field of men's water polo and invited several celebrities. In particular, in addition to institutional authorities bells and sports, they were present actors Patrick Rispo (A Place in the Sun), Sergio Arcuri, Alessia Macari (Next, please), Marcelo Fuentes, Gianfranco Apicerni (Mediaset programs of Maria de Filippi) and Sex & South.


Friday, October 9, at the Municipal Pool Scandone of Naples, was conducted the third day of the championship water polo Series A1, a derby between Neapolitan ROBERTOZENO POSILLIPO and CARPISA YAMAMY ACQUACHIARA.A new "show" sportsman who, thanks to the leadership of the club and the Main Sponsor rossoverde Roberto Zeno, again had charitable purposes, and donate the proceeds to Unicef this year supports the cause of the children of Nepal.

Nasce la Roberto Zeno Posillipo

"We could not go with it if not to Posillipo, which has always been a benchmark for excellence in Italian sport": with these words, the financial manager of Roberto Zeno Spa debuted during the press conference held at the club Mergellina, sanctioning the de facto alliance with the team Posillipo. With this new sponsorship deal the historical Neapolitan team then acquired the name of Roberto Zeno Posillipo for the next three years. The club rossoverde, winner of the Euro Cup played against the cousins ​​of 'Acquachiara, it has definitely reinforced than last season, thanks to the contribution of the new main sponsor. The season of Roberto Zeno Posillipo, whose debut is scheduled for 26 September at Scandone, begins with the firm conviction that the combination of the two Italian excellence can give great satisfaction through the achievement of important goals both in the playground and on the field business.

Optikmassan di Stoccolma

Roberto Zeno export the excellence of Made in Italy in northern Europe with his presence at Optikmassan Stockholm , the international eyewear exhibition reserved exclusively for international brands have distinguished themselves during the year for the style and quality of their glasses . Still an exclusive privilege for our brand reported by the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade .

Evento ROBERTOZENO presso Ottica Vicari

Domenica 9 agosto alle ore 20:30 presso Ottica Vicari sullo splendido lungomare Pietrenere di Pozzallo, Alessia Macari e Marco Guercio presenteranno la collezione occhiali ROBERTOZENO, nell'ambito di un evento con artisti di strada, musica e la possibilità per tutti i presenti di fare una foto con i VIP.

Made in Italy Awards 2015

ROBERTOZENO has been nominated for the Made in Italy Awards 2015, in Businessman category. The ROBERTOZENO S.p.A. has been nominated in the Fashion-Men Accessories category.The Made in Italy Awards are authoritative reward for companies and brands, and for their character that stand out for their contribute to the prestige and reputation of the Made in italy in the world.  ( The Made in Italy Awards are given to companies and individuals who have actively contributed to Italy's prestige, to the promotion of the best Italian products, brands and arts, he rewards will be given in New York next September.